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Renter's Insurance

Renter’s insurance is mandatory for all residents. Imagine a mystery leak that fries your laptop or ruins all of your clothes in your closet. This unpredictable yet common problem is why renter’s insurance is essential. Per your Residential Lease, you are responsible for obtaining renter’s insurance for your personal belongings and to protect yourself against liability. This is particularly important because the insurance that College Town Communities has in place for our properties (like that of any off-campus housing facility) does NOT provide coverage for your personal belongings, property damage or bodily injury. If you or your guests suffer a loss due to fire, flood, vandalism, theft, or other cause of loss, that loss will not be covered by College Town Communities’ insurance.

You may not submit your parents’ homeowner’s insurance as proof of coverage. This must be a separate renter’s insurance policy in your name only.

Renter’s insurance may be purchased through any major insurance company. Per your lease, the minimum coverage required is:

Personal Property Value - $20,000
Personal Liability - $100,000
Medical Payments to Others - $1,000

Name “College Town Communities” and the address of your building as an “additional insured” so that we are kept updated should the policy change or lapse. You will need to provide your apartment number and address when you apply. This information will be sent to all residents prior to move-in via email.

Proof of renter’s insurance is tracked through the Resident Portal and will be required BEFORE you can get your key. Renter’s insurance must be in effect through the last day of your lease. It’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind this insurance will provide.

Click here to view or download the College Town Communities Renter's Insurance Policy

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